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Fixing dcterms:creator's AnnotationProperty issue with Pellet

Pellet is logging this:
WARNING: Unsupported axiom: Ignoring subproperty axiom between (AnnotationProperty) and (ObjectProperty)
WARNING: Unsupported axiom: Ignoring range axiom for
WARNING: Unsupported axiom: Ignoring equivalent property axiom between (ObjectProperty) and

Problem is the statement:
<owl:AnnotationProperty rdf:about="&terms;creator"/>

It declares terms:creator as an AnnotationProperty and breaks the object properties that are sub properties (bibo:editor, terms:creator, foaf:maker). When I removed it and recreated the infered model everything was working correctly. The other AnnotationProperty declarations seem fine, but this one looks like a bug. Is this required for something or could you just remove it?


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